Team UpdateMe in action

In the pulsating heart of South Africa's tech scene, UpdateMe kicked off its journey in 2015 with a singular mission. We're not just developers who love zeros and ones; we're business growth enthusiasts. Our quest? To craft custom tech solutions that propel small businesses into the big leagues.

Here at UpdateMe, we don't just offer tech solutions; we offer tech journeys. We're not into this 'one-size-fits-all' nonsense. Whether you're cuckoo for Apple, a Linux luminary, or marveling at Microsoft, we tailor-make your toolkit to fit like a glove. We specialize in morphing concepts into fully-realized designs, and it doesn't stop there. Our team offers strategic wisdom to turn your app into not just a tool but a thriving business. Consider us your all-in-one pit crew for digital success!

Diving into the tech nitty-gritty, we're your go-to for cloud strategy, software craftsmanship, and robust infrastructure support. Think Microsoft Office 365 and Google Business Suite but with a personalized twist, like adding off-road capabilities to a standard vehicle.

Oh, and we’re far from lone wolves. We've strategically partnered with industry forerunners to offer you a 360-degree business solution. Social media management, hardware choices, you name it. Our network is your one-stop-shop for a thriving, cost-effective business environment.

The UpdateMe Odyssey

The UpdateMe Odyssey

Business Analysis: From Fantasy to Documents

Ever found yourself lost in the labyrinth of ideas, only to wish you had a roadmap? Our business analysis is your GPS through the conceptual maze. We translate your wildest dreams into actionable plans, complete with documentation that's as comprehensive as it is comprehensible.

System Architecture and Design: From Confusion to Solutions

Navigating the stormy seas of system architecture? Set sail with us, the skilled cartographers of the tech world. We take the 'con' out of 'confusion,' turning it into clear, cohesive designs that are the backbone of your business operations. Your treasure map to innovation.

Software Development: Deliver the Product with One Code Base to Cover Them All

Why build a fortress when you can have an empire? Our hybrid app development deploys a single code base that conquers multiple platforms. It's like having the Excalibur of code: one code base to rule them all. Your product, everywhere, anytime.

Success Stories

AgriSense International: The Afri-Revolution Begins in a Humble Home
Picture this: a humble abode in Pietermaritzburg, home to sky-high ambitions and drones that dare to fly even higher. AgriSense International, a fledgling drone surveillance company, had their sights set on more than just the skies—they aimed to revolutionize farming across the African continent.

The Birth of AgriMaps
We rolled up our sleeves and dove right into the source code to craft AgriMaps. This was no ordinary mapping software; it was a farmer's dream come true. We made it easy for farmers to get drone shots of their land, measure it, and keep tabs on it from any device—be it web, mobile, or tablet. Now, the lush landscapes of African farms had an all-access pass to the digital realm

Enter DataSense
But wait, there's more! With AgriSense operating their drones not just in South Africa but across the entire continent, there was a thirst for data in places where even signal feared to tread. Enter DataSense. This tool didn't just collect data; it brewed insights in the very heart of rural Africa. Offline? No problem. DataSense would sync everything to a central server once back online, creating a treasure trove of farming analytics

The Grand Finale: Bridging the Knowledge Gap
Africa's farming secrets have long been whispered through the wind and written in the soil. Documentation? Scarce. But not anymore. Thanks to AgriSense and UpdateMe, a bridge was built between traditional practices and data-driven agriculture. African farming now has a digital legacy, a storyline in bytes and pixels, for generations to come. And so, as the sun sets on another African horizon, AgriSense International knows one thing for certain: their idea took flight, thanks to UpdateMe. The End. Or should we say, just the beginning?"

Blow The Ref: Whistling a New Tune in the World of Sports
A tennis legend, fueled by a passion for rugby, stands at the crossroads of dreams and reality. The dream is vivid—a gamified app that gives fans the power to 'blow the whistle' on referees. The reality? Well, several failed partnerships and a roadmap that led to dead-ends. Until, that is, he discovered UpdateMe

First Serve — The Prototype
The clock was ticking. Time was of the essence. In just three months, UpdateMe rallied its tech gladiators to develop a prototype, faster than you can say 'scrum.' The tennis player could now demo his dream to investors without breaking a sweat.

Match Point — The Full Experience
Interest among investors started to brew like a storm on the horizon. It was time for the big play. UpdateMe unleashed its UX/UI ninjas to evolve the prototype into a mobile app and a Progressive Web App (PWA), worthy of stadium applause. Now, fans had the power to 'blow the whistle' on refs, revolutionizing the spectator experience.

The Final Set: Game, Set, Match
Still in its fledgling stage, Blow The Ref is already becoming the talk of the sporting world. Investors? Lining up as if it's Black Friday at a tech store. Traction? More gripping than a rugby scrum. All of this was only possible with the digital wizardry of UpdateMe. As the tennis player stands on the court of his own invention, he knows this isn't just a win for him; it's a win for sports fans around the globe. And as for UpdateMe? We're just warming up. Game on!"

Frik van Schalkwyk Attorneys: The Verdict is Digital Liberation!
A well-established law firm, Frik van Schalkwyk Attorneys, ensnared in a web of digital ambiguity. Their online presence? Missing in action. A tangled mess of domain hostages and unclaimed Google Maps real estate. In walked UpdateMe, the Harvey Specters of the digital realm.

Taking Back the Gavel — The Domain Rescue
Other companies had claimed the firm's digital territory like it was a free-for-all land grab. UpdateMe's digital SWAT team stormed in, negotiated, and won back the domain rights, freeing Frik van Schalkwyk Attorneys from their cyberspace captors.

On the Map, Finally
In a pivotal moment of revelation, UpdateMe set up their Google Maps listing, plotting them firmly on the digital landscape. No longer were they a ghost in the virtual world; they were now a destination.

Blogging for Justice
The firm needed a voice—a beacon to reach clients and share insights. Enter UpdateMe’s BlogSquad™. Regular updates, valuable legal tips, and industry commentary transformed their online persona from mute to eloquent.

The Grand Finale: The Verdict
As the gavel strikes down, Frik van Schalkwyk Attorneys have found their rightful place in the digital universe. Their firm is not just a nameplate on a building; it's a digital fortress accessible from anywhere.